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How to add your business on MBoti (My Business On The Internet). This page explains how to add your business listing to our website.

Let's get started

Adding your business listing on MBoti is relatively simple. But to help you get the best from your listing we want to explain some of the steps and offer suggestions so your business listing does as well as it should.

We have provided a video for you to watch.


TOP TIP - Get your photos ready first!

On MBoti you can add up to 12 photos to highlight your listing. Don't worry if you don't have 12 images right now, you can always add them later by editing your listing at anytime.
Ideal Photo Sizes - We recommend using images that are landscape where possible and approximately 1128pixels wide by 750pixels deep. So BEFORE you do anything else, why not get these images ready on your computer. Then after you have registered, chose the plan, at least you will be ready to create your listing.


You need to register first

Before you can add a business listing on MBoti you will need to create an account, or if you have already registered, then sign in. Users who have not created an account with us will be unable to advertise with us on MBoti.

Decide which plan you want

We have created 5 unique plans for you to choose from. Our Lifetime Plan is a popluar choice especially with many of our customers. It's a one off payment which guarantees a MINIMUM of 3 years advertising on MBoti. Based on current charges, that's an incredible saving of 31% over 3 years. The 4th year means a 100% saving!!
*Prices shown below are examples only. They were correct at the time on 16th April 2019.

Plan options on MBoti

There are 5 different plans to meet each users needs. Monthly or Annual Plans are invoiced accordingly. The Lifetime Plan is a one-off payment and is ideally suited for most types of business users that are in it for the long run.

Lifetime Plan - Special Launch Promotions

At MBoti we wanted to provide customers with the opportunity of having a business listing that did not need to be renewed every year adding to their costs. Our lifetime plan is designed to do just that - a one off payment for the life of your business listing!
*The lifetime plan is GUARANTEED for a minimum of 36 months from your initial payment being made, subject to terms and conditions.


Payment Options

When it comes to making a payment for your selected plan, you can pay using a Credit or Debit Card via PayPal. You don't need to have a PayPal account to do this. Or you can choose Pay by Invoice, and send a Bank Payment using your own online banking app.

Making a payment for your advert on MBoti

Monthly or Annual Payments

If you choose to pay monthly or annually for your subscription, then you have the options to setup a recurring payment on PayPal, or we will invoice you once per month (or per year).

Create your advert

Once you have registered an account, your next step is to create a listing.
1. Map - Click on the map to create a marker representing the business location.
2. Type in your business name
3. If you have a logo upload it.
4. Enter your business address, town, city and post code.
5. Enter your telephone area code and phone number (if this is a mobile number then ignore the area code).
6. The key introduction area is limited to 100 characters. Make the key introduction really stand out!
7. Add a description of your business. Let people know what services/products or things you offer.
8. If you have a website, twitter or facebook URL then add these in.
9. When it comes to choosing a category try to locate a sub category that best describes your business type. This way your listing will appear in both the MAIN CATEGORY as well as the sub category.
10. Put down your hours of opening and closing.
11. If you would like to tell people more information about your business, add this under Other Information.
12. Upload photos to showcase your business.

Upload Photos on MBoti

13. Finally choose submit listing.

Listings and Reviews are manually approved

All listings and reviews are manually approved. This prevents anyone from adding information until one of our team review and approve the listing and/or changes made to a listing by any user.

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